I was offered a six week free trial of Quickflix and thought oh well what heck nothing to lose. Well upon joining I checked their offerings. The majority of TV and movies that are worth watching are in their "premium" selection for which one must pay extra. The non premium selection is SD and not very good quality SD, I didn't check but if its 576i I would be surprised.


Given that their monthly subscription is the same as Netflix HD and Lightbox their offering of most of their library at SD quality is unacceptable. I can certainly see why the company is struggling and in Administration in Australia. I doubt I will even see through my six  week trial and will cancel. I will stick with Netflix and Lightbox and the later is now free with my Spark account.


If Quickflix want to compete and survive in what is becoming a competitive market they will need to rethink their model or go the way of the Dodo.