Just as information, given there's a previous (locked) post on this subject.

I own a 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara and, like others, have previously had to use their clumsy web based (with a browser plugin) service to obtain system and map updates.

The great news is that they have recently changed from this web based system to it being included in the latest version of their Garmin Express program.

I now have "Suzuki Infotainment" as a device in Garmin Express, along with my wife's Nuvi 2457.

The Garmin Express still relies on you creating a SD card from your vehicle and it scanning it in a card-reader.

As of a few days ago the latest (2017) map is available for purchase for NZ $125

I hope this info is of some use to Suzuki Garmin/Infotainment owners...