I have had an Escort Passport Max International RD unit for some while and it has been very handy. I am not a habitual speeder but it is always useful to be aware of the environment, especially in the lower limit areas. Radar Detectors are entirely legal in NZ which is a sensible attitude to take I think.




Like all technology, new things are invented etc and whilst mine is still a very good RD it is not quite the top of the pile it was when I bought it. I chatted to a couple of resellers and the general thrust was that for a windscreen mount unit, the Genovo Max was the best. There is less available info about it but from what I can scrape together it originates from Europe and the developers had some staff in NZ for a few months working to tweak it for our particular circumstances and create the camera database for NZ.




It certainly is not cheap (although cheaper than the Stinger system which is probably the best but at $7,000 + installation it should be!) but if it is as good as it is purported to be, it is worth it. I wondered if anyone here had one and could comment from personal experience.