Hi everyone


I am looking at booking tickets via a 3rd party website (Exploretrip.com) and would like to know if anyone has had experiences with this website to book tickets? I am just weary of handing over my credit card information to any 3rd party as such.


I have looked at various reviews online and most have said they are a rip off when it comes to changing the tickets etc. But they do have stated on their website that changes will incur $150USD + whatever the airline charges. So I guess since that is part of their terms and conditions, its not like they are hiding the information. 


Just wanted to see if anyone here has booked from this web site or similar ones?






EDIT: I should note, if the price was a few dollars compared to the airlines website (which is where I would normally book), I wouldnt bother. But the price difference is almost 150-180 NZD