I PC running windows 7 and Media Center, with a Hauppauge PVR-150 for my sky input and just a generic DVB-S card for freeview. We also have a XBox set up as an extender.

I have been using this setup for a while and all works well apart from I cannot get the system to use free view on channel 3. When I go to the channel options under sources I only have the sky set-top box. Where as with channel 2 and 1 I have the DVB-S and the Set-top box. How does MC determine what sources are available for that channel and how can I correct this?

The reason I need to fix it is I have moved our extender setup to my shed ready to watch Bathurst this weekend, but our Sky channels on that TV show in the incorrect aspect ratio where freeview channels are fine. So if I can get freeview working on TV3 myself and the lads will be very happy.

PS (I use EPG Centre 3.2 and Guidehound for my EPG listings)

Thanks all.