Hi all,

I just got a HDHomerun recently to watch LiveTV within XBMC (v12 beta Frodo). However for the life of me I can't seem to get MythTV setup correctly, can anyone help?

I'm thinking that my backend/mysql IP/IPv6 settings are screwed (insert noob here!) I followed the "Enable IPv6 - MythTV Official Wiki" maybe too literally and now am totally confused.

With the backend and frontend on the same machine (2011 mac mini) I can see all the channel names in XBMC's LiveTV menu but nothing plays when I select a channel to watch (and yes, OpenGL is selected on MythBackend). MythFrontend worked first day until I borked the settings. Now Myth-Setup crashes so I can't change these settings - arrgh!

Ideally I'd like to use my AppleTVs as XBMC clients and leave the backend running on my mac mini together with SAB/Sickbeard etc. (storage is Promise Pegasus R6 with SMBUp installed for ATVs).

FYI, HDHomerun works perfectly with EyeTV3 software so no problems there. Just like to get MythTV sorted as it supposedly works well with XBMC on the mac.

Any help appreciated. Better yet, a cold beer awaits if someone can enlighten me on-site! (Ponsonby, Akld area)