Hey need some advice.

I have a Synology NAS with all my media stored on it. Currently I watch it via DLNA on my Samsung Smart TV. This works fine, no problems.
However I really wanted a way to display it with metadata etc. I have tried the plex client by it is too flaky for me having sunk a number of hours getting it up and running.

What I was wanting to do was use the Synology android app DS Video which uses synologys own Video Station package. It looks great and is very simple. It works well on my mobile devices.

Here is the kicker. I am guessing I will need an Android dongle to install the app and display it on the TV. Will it draw the content to the TV via the TV's wired connection or use its own WiFi ? Obviously I would prefer to use the wired connection if possible.

Will this work ?

The other solution which will require some more work from me is getting an HDMI switch and a third party streaming media box. I'd rather go the above if its possible though as its cheap and really like the DS Video interface.

Cheers !