I am in the process of setting up a second TV.   Just bought a Samsung UA55F6400.   I have a 32" Sony Bravia about 3 years old.

I don't have SKY HDMI -  and my plan was  to put the sky output through a Sony Hard Drive recorder - and the split the HDMI output from that to go to the two differnet TV's.   Bought an HDMI splitter from Rapallo.

My issue is that I cannot get a full screen picture on each at the same time - I can juggle the various ratio's around on the TV and Output options on the HD recorder.. and without the splitter I can an individual set with a full screen picture but when I put them through the HDMI splitter it reverts to a non full screen picture on both.

I assume that the splitter is recognising something different between  both TV's and going to the lowest common denominator.

Aside from the fact that I have now have a redundant splitter, I  can work around it by simply running something other that HDMI to the second TV.  
I have composite cabling that seems to work fine.. just tried running that from the HDD recorder and it works fine, but I need to get a longer length - I understand Component is better?

Just looking at the output options from the HDD recorder and it has component out - the Red green and blue.. but I don't see anything extra for audio.  Assume that I would use the audio out plugs that are in the group  with the yellow composite video out.  I do  see an s-video plug next to the the 3 component out plugs but this is something different I think.   I understood that component required 5 plugs.. and that appears to be what the TV is after.

As per the start of this thread - had hoped to  split the HDMi and have simple HDMI connection to the second TV, but, if it has to be composite then that is fine

Am I wasting my time pursuing the split HDMI option?

 - thanks