Just wondering if anyone has any luck using Plex with New Zealand recorded .wtv files? They stream perfectly from my Media Centre to my phone and Samsung TV but Plex really struggles with the WTV file names MS have decided to use.

I've tried WTV Metarenamer http://wtvmetarenamer.codeplex.com/ which attempts to use the meta data stored in .wtv files and match them with an online database (TVDB) to rename recorded TV files so that Plex can understand them little better.

Problem is WTV Metarenamer also has a bit of trouble. With a mixture of NZ air dates and poor meta data editing from NZ broadcasters it can't match many shows. I ran it over 700+ .wtv files (my wife records almost everything) and it could only match about 20. Though the few it did match, Plex picked up perfectly.


Anyone else using any good tools to solve this?