Well for some of us Microsoft Media Center on Windows 8.1 is the centre of the lounge universe.
So far, the Windows 10  icon in the system tray has been merely an insulting taunt of Microsoft's abandonment of Media Center. Today it occurred to me that this thing might decide to download a cached copy of Windows 10 just in case I lose my marbles and fancy killing off my Home Theatre ecosystem. As I only have a 32GB SSD in the unit, I sail close to the wind and this would be a Bad Thing.

Well, I fully intending taking up Microsoft's Offer I Can't Refuse on my gaming machine, two laptops and two tablets.. this machine however is sacrosanct. The process to remove GWX is akin to removing gonorrhea in my opinion.

First it doesn't even announce itself in Windows Updates or Add/Remove programs, it lurks as KB3035583. Ok, so you uninstall it then you hide the update straight after reboot to keep it out. Then that steaming turd is still hanging out in the system tray. You find a whole bunch of scheduled tasks launching it and (maybe reinstalling it according to some reports). So you try and delete them. Nope you can't, you then have to go to c:\windows\system32\Tasks and delete them there. No you can't, you have to take ownership and reset the NTFS permissions on them first. Ok, you decide to get rid of the EXE too, nope, that's in C:\windows\syswow64\GWX and also prohibits the Administrator from deleting it too, you have to take ownership and reset permissions on that too.

Really Microsoft?