Hi People

I am in the market for a new LCD, either 32", 37" or 42". I want to use it mainly for my PC monitor for games (most importantly :P) , movies, tv series and browsing etc. Other uses will be for dvd and sky.

I need soemthing that can do 1920x1024 however it seems to be quite tricky to find a screen in those sizes that can run the resolutions I am after.

I see bond and bond have a Teac 37" Full HD 1080p, which can do 1920x1024 for around $1700. I have been told be various staff at various shops that most brands only make a few models that can run such a high res, they are usually 42" or bigger and tend to be rather pricey.

Would it be better to wait for a while ? i.e. until more models are released which offer these resolutions and hence the price may be lower...

I would appreciate any info you learned folks could offer me, as I am very new to this sort of gadgetry.