Hi There

I am looking and wondering if anyone has had any experience with a Wireless VGA Transmitter and Receiver that can transmit the display from a laptop with a VGA Port (such as a HP Laptop) to a standard VGA FemaleWall Port that connects to a Projector.

I am looking for such a system that is low cost (Under $500 but preferably under $250 at most) because I used to have a system where I used a 10 metre VGA Cable to connect a laptop/pc to a projector which was around 8 metres away from the projector. However this cable has got broken after about 2 years of average use, and to avoid having the issue of a broken long cable (as I have had a few broken cable issues this year) I am looking at a wireless method.

So to sum up, I am looking for a transmitter and Receiver that transmits a video signal within 5-12m, that had input and output VGA or could be a HDMI Transmitter/receiver which would work with a VGA-HDMI Adapter.

Thanks in Advance