Someone please help me!  The setup below was working until a few weeks ago and I cannot work out how to fix it.  I have made no obvious changes to my HTPC which may have impacted my setup.


I have Windows 7 running WMC with the latest version of DVBLink TVSource.  A friend extracts guide data and puts it on the web for me to pick up.  I set DVBLink to download his xml guide file and injected it into WMC, but it never seems to download the xml file anymore (it used to).


I've set the guide source as his url and left the default fetch at 12 hours.  When I delete and re-set up this part, it often says that the setup is incomplete but I do not know why.  After a while (hours/days) I got back into the guide sources area if the web interface and it shows a tick to say it is configured correctly, but it doesn't seem to want to fetch a new version of the xml file anymore.


If I manually download the xml file and put it in the ProgramData\DVBLink\.... directory, DVBLink will eventually inject the guide data into WMC but even this seems hit or miss.


Can anyone suggest where I might be going wrong?  I am happy to supply further information if what I have already provided above is lacking.




Cheers in advance.