(Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in Gaming..!)


I have an ageing pair of Logitech GX-somethingorother gaming headphones with "7.1" sound...which actually work very well and provide a reasonable facsimile of surround sound gaming. My one and only gripe with them is that the faux-leather pads shed their outer layer over time and you end up covered in black specks.




Now that my PC is in the lounge and I have a PS4, I was looking to upgrade to an equivalent wireless pair that would compatible with both formats.


There is a new Logitech - the Artemis G933 - which looks to tick all the boxes the boxes, but it seems to be around $350(!) locally and I didn't really want to spend that much...under $200 would be preferable.


Any recommendations or ideas? Is my budget unreasonable for a decent set?