For my bedroom, I got a Raspberry Pi 3, running OpenElec (Linux).

In my living room, I have a PVR and tuners running on Windows 10 Pro (Home edition).

Files are being written to a local drive, and I've shared the folder.

I've been reading a LOT of post saying a Windows update from November 2015 broke Windows file sharing client for Kodi devices running Linux.

Bad news: I've tried everything in the world to get the SMB share to work (MCSE with 30 years experience) but no joy.

Good news: I was able to get DLNA to work.

Apparently there's 3 version of SMB running on Windows now.

When I disable SMB version 2, and enable version 1, DLNA worked.

I don't think it's related, but I also opened up port 445, the Netlogon port.

Hopefully this will give someone the clues needed to get SMB to work.

On a different unrelated note, I discovered you can attach a USB drive to Raspberry PI, as long as the drive has an external power supply. The amps from Raspberry Pi USB port isn't enough for a hard drive.