Hi all

I have an asus m2a-vm hdmi motherboard. I originally had an hvr3000 in it but couldn't get it to work so I sold it and after finding really good reviews etc I bought the HVR-2200 which is a pci x1 card.

My motherboard could not discover it or to be more exact it would discover it if I did not seat it fully into the slot it would find it and ask me to install the drivers. It would run through the process of installing the drivers, then tell me they installed correctly and give the message that I would need to restart for them to take effect.
Once the pc restarted the board could not be found. Device manager no longer showed it and if I ran the driver software again it said compatible hardware could not be found.

Does anyone have the same motherboard working with an hvr2200? or any ideas if I can enable/disable the pci x1 slot somehow or any other ideas at all?

I have recently boaught an nvidia 8600gt to replace the rubbish onboard graphics and now I will have nothing to for it to drive.

Any help appreciated