Bought one of these in the Black Friday sale on Amazon and had it shipped here via YouShop. Cost was $180(US) plus $30 odd to ship.  US model so 110V only and Region A for BD of course.


Anyway finally got around to installing it and noticed on startup for streaming apps it offered me Netflix 3Now, Lightbox but no Amazon, Hulu or Vudu (which I currently get on my Roku and was designed to replace). Clearly the Samsung store is checking IP location and even though this is a US model, found the NZ apps to install.


Since they are not the apps I want, i turned on a VPN in my router (Getflix VPN), factory reset the player and tried again. This time I could see and install Netflix. Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Pandora etc.  Once that was done I could turn off the VPN and watch that content just using the Getflix proxy services.


One nice feature is the player has a nice Plex client. I run Plex on my media server (mainly installed out of interest to see if the UI is better than that using the Popcorn Hour and YAMJ - it is) bought I  haven't bought any clients but the Samsung Plex client is pretty full featured.