Hi There, 


Setup: 42" LG TV (not web os), Apple TV 4 (with plex app), Pioneer VSX-D511 amp (no HDMI inputs). ATV is plugged into the TV, then digital audio out from the TV to the amp. We use plex on the ATV connected to a Synology for the plex server. 


So - every now and again, ill play a movie or video file and the audio does not work. The temp fix (after a lot of rebooting things etc) is to unplug the HDMI from the back of the TV and put it back in again. Audio is all good. I've got a lot of overseas motorsport videos and it happens much more on those than normal movies (an example of the audio file in the image attached). I note if i then scrub forward in a video file that triggers the issue, when the video starts again, the audio goes off again. 


My question is: Is this hardware (e.g. a crappy HDMI cable or something) or a setting (e.g. AMP is set to auto figure out the best way to play it) or the video file itself? Any insight would be great as its a bit of a pain in the butt!