Bought an IPS 32" LED monitor and found white backgrounds to burn my eyes like staring into the sun.


Now bought a Samsung UA50KU6000 and love its smartness. It's like an HTPC built into it! PLays anything from anywhere in my network or the internet! Boots in under 1s! And everything it displays is sooooo sharp! The "upscaling" whatever it does really works. SD, 720p, 1008p, all sharp unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. WOW.


Except that when the screen as anything resembling white, I find the thing is too bright.


Settings: Backlight 14/20, Contrast 100/100 (all default) Dynamic contrast makes no difference.


Question: would different LED make a difference in less overpowerful white light? local dimming? OLED?


Had a 10 year old plasma TV of same size and never had any problems like that.