I set up my new Panasonic 50" 1080p Plasma yesterday and have everything working EXCEPT I don't seem to be able to get video or S-Video working.
AV1 has the option of S-Video or composite Video input and this is all my old VCR supports.
I had my DVD player working on S-Video to my old TV, but got nothing when I plugged it into s-video on this beast.  I thought "must be a setting to tell the TV to use S-Video instead of composite or component" but have read the manual cover to cover and cannot find it.
Then I changed to use component from the DVD player which is much better of course.
The old VCR though is only composite output. I plugged that into AV1 (with nothing else plugged in), no image but am getting sound since this is separate and uses the standard RCA left and right sound connectors.
Plugged it into AV4 which is the front panel connectors which only support S-Video and composite.  Still no image.
Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?