Not. Definitely Not. At least if you have multiple displays connected, and at least in some configurations.


Just finished troubleshooting an issue where my TV wouldn't (video) sync up to the amp unless the projector was also turned on (through a Denon AVR-3400h amp)... After much screwing around after constraining to standard (420 etc) not enhanced 4k and a few other things, I noticed that with an active HDMI cable connected to the projector (BenQ1700), the amp reported no supported video modes available on that output unless the projector was powered on. This created a mismatch and the amp couldn't find a common setting for the 2 outputs so disabled them both.


Swapping a standard HDMI cable for the active cable to the projector fixed the issue completely. Very annoying. Now...


a) I have to get back in the ceiling and re-run the old cables that work for 4:2:0 8 bit 4k60 but take AGES to sync for 4:4:4 10 bit 4k60 (but do admittedly seem to eventually sync up).


b) I have 7 and a 10 metre monoprice active cables to sell :-) Both work perfectly by themselves and my Nvidia shield reports a lot more video modes available (I think 89 vs 61) when using an active cable compared to a standard cable


Mutter grumble...