This guide covers what you need to do to get the optimum 1:1 pixel picture from the new sony V or W series (via HDMI):

1. Change to an HDMI input on the TV, otherwise some options in the menu are disabled
2. Make sure you set the graphics card to 1920x1080 @ either 23, 24, 50, 60Hz and to output to the TV (via HDMI)
(25, 29, 30Hz are usually only 1080i).
3. Goto: Home > Settings > Set-up > Screen Settings > Display Area: Change to 'Full Pixel', this disables the default overscan the TV has.
4. Goto: Home > Settings > Features > Video/Photo: Set to 'Photo', this disables some of the oversharpening that makes text look like it has halos.
5. Goto: Home > Settings > Picture > Sharpness: Set to 'Min', this removes the rest of the oversharpening.

If you would like to run these TV's via VGA then you are limited to 1366x768 which is weird. This limit is set by EDID/DDC data (wiki it) and may be able to be overcome, any ideas people? However at 1366x768 the picture is very clear, it just defeats the purpose of having a TV with 1920x1080 pixels.

Another cool feature is the Optical SPDIF/Toslink Output on the back of the TV's outputs in almost all scenarios:

-2 channel PCM or 5.1 Dolby Digital from FreeviewHD depending on the broadcast.
-Passthrough of HDMI audio if it is 2 channel PCM or Dolby Digital (not DTS as far as I can tell, can anyone verify?).
-Conversion of analog stereo (RCA) audio inputs from any of the composite/s-video or component inputs into 2 channel PCM.

Cheers to Tony @ Bond & Bond in Hamilton & Dan @ Noel Leeming Hamilton (The stores in Tristram Street), for their help and patience when I was buying the TV.