Hi team,

I have a 9 month old 8600gts that has x 2 dvi out and feeds my x2 dell LCD screens running in dualview.

I'm using Vista Ultimate and running the Nvidia drivers that came with the card for Vista.

Up until the last few days no probs with the card, then I used the adaptor which plugs into tv-port to feed video to our tv..

This worked fine for about 2 days then the card started to produce green & black squares on my lcd's which I figured out was it's poor attempt to render the colour black.

I first took the card out and reset it back into the graphics slot, no effect it was still producing the prob..

It's like the card has continued to produce a tv signal on the dvi plugs even when the nvida control panel is configured to run dualview via dvi out, same resolution, refresh rates etc as before but now this problem.

So I went to the Nvidia site and installed the latest drivers for the card, no effect.

Then I installed a fresh 320gig HDD and installed a fresh copy of vista ultimate... still no effect the box is fine and renders things ok when in simple vga mode but reverts to the green/black square problem when it moves to 32 bit native resolution.. this was happening right through when the problem began, regardless of drivers used or fresh os etc..

I have found one thread on the net which talks about this problem... in most cases it's happened to folks who enabled the tv out option by using it...

As it's only 9 months old and I've done all I can I'm going to return it to the retailer I bought it from and seek a replacement.

Anyone had this, heard of this problem - and found a fix for it besides replacement?

Cheers, Paul.