my dvd recorder is a bit sick, i was wondering if anybody has come across this themseles? normally when i turn the power on, it warms up a little, then checks to see if there is a disc already inserted, then allows me to move to whichever option i feel like utilising. What it is doing at the moment is lighting up the "power" display on the dvd recorder to indicate that there is power coming through, and that is all it will do. i have tried leaving it off for a period of time, the same thing happens. i have taken the cover off and checked that there are no loose connections inside. there is a fuse inside, the same type that you get in your household power box - i checked this, the filament appears unbroken, and have not touched anything else as i don't know what i'm doing in there - any suggestions as to what may have caused this will be appreciated - the brand of the dvd recorder is a tevion