Hi All
Long time, no post!
I have been doing a bit of updating to my HTPC again and am needing to be steered in the right direction again. i see some others have had problems setting up their HVR3000 card on it's own, so i'm going to be difficult.
I currently have a Nova S Plus set up, working brilliantly (with EPG too).
I now have an HVR3000 to add so I can have 2 sat channels (No Freeview HD for Marlborough yet) and want to use the analogue input for the Prime decoder that is being installed today along with a dish.
Before I rip my hair out tonight, can anyone give some pointers as to what I need to do to get the DVBS tuner to work along with my NOVA S ( have already applied the reg hack to get the Nova to work).
Also, I have seen somewhere, but cannot seem to find, a thread regarding how to get the analogue input working as a seperate channel in MCE.
Any help much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance