I am just after some advice in setting up MediaPortal in Windows 7. First I am looking to use MediaPortal vs Windows Media Centre as I will be sharing the connection with other people. This is for FreeViewHD

At the moment I am just running a test on my laptop (GFX: 8400M GS, CPU:T9300, Ram: 4GB ) and am having some problems. First is there a way to use the builtin windows codec's for H.264? As when I click the 'Windows' codec in MediaPortal nothing shows up, just a black screen.

Now when I use the CoreAVC codec, it works fine on TV1 and TV2, guessing because they are progressive, as none of the other channels really work at all, all blury etc. I have played around with the de-interlacing thing on MediaPortal but does not help much.

Also I am pretty sure that CoreAVC does not do full hardware decoding aswell, as the comp does get a lot hotter watching it in MediaPortal compared to Windows Media Centre. Also all channels work fine with Windows Media Centre

Anyone got any ideas?