I am sick of not being able to use powerscheduler on Mediaportal. I have a Nova 500-T and have given up on ever getting it working.

I am very happy with media portal otherwise.

For some reason my MB (GA-73PVM-S2H) coflicts with the HVR-2200 so are there any onther choices out there for Freeview. The MB is a mirco system & I have 1x PCE & 1X PCI slot available for tuner cards at the moment. I will need at least 2 tuner cards.

Should I buy a new MB and use a HRV-2200. If so what micro board should I get?
Can I get a MB that has an on-board GPU with hardware accel?
This is a dedicated home theatre PC.

My current GPU is a 8600GT so that may need upgrading soon anyway if I go to mediaportal 1.1
My OS is vista SP2

A lot of questions I know.
Any suggestions out there?