Hi there
I bought a Panasonic TH P42S10Z after discussing these and the G10 on this forum a couple of months ago. Great TV but I seem to have a problem when connected to the PC via HDMI. The PC has a Nvidea GE Force 8600 card and is outputed via DVI. I then have a DVI to HDMI adapter and from there to the TV. What I am finding is that I set up the TV in the NVidea contro; panel as clone but periodically the card loses, or fails to see the TV. To get the card to then re recognise the TV is difficult Shuttin down both TV and PC does not always work.
Has anyone out there had similar problems? I thought that it may be due to CC cleaner or something removing registry files but I have ruled thaat out.

Help please this is doing my head in as well as affecting the wife acceptance factor!