Morning all,

Just thought I'd pass on a bit of info about Bluray's at the Warehouse. 

First up The Warehouse is having a 25% off Blurays deal at the moment, which is pretty good.

Second, They just recently reduced the price of a heap of DVD's (think it might be the sony branded ones - maybe).  Anyway, it pays to check the price of them because a lot reduced to $18.96 or something, even though the sticker still says $26.99 or something.  Point being, they're cheaper even before the 25% off sale.

Top gun, Oceans 11 etc were down around the $14.99 mark after both these reductions.

Thirdly, This doesn't relate to price, but DO check the audio format on the back of the case.  I found about half of the ones I was looking at last night only had Dobly Digital (ie DVD quality) compressed soundtracks, which is rather a let down in my opinion.  Oceans 11 for instance was one.

** Edit: seems these HD tracks might be on the disc, just not mentioned on the back of the case?! **

[As an aside too, I personally don't think you need to have a huge/expensive speaker setup to benefit from the HD audio formats.  Obviously you do need a receiver that can output the HD audio, (either by internal decoding, being passed decoded LPCM, or analogue inputs), but I think you benefit on even small/relatively average speakers.  To me it's about how much it's been compressed, like spotting the difference between a 64kb/s encoded MP3 and a 256 kb/s MP3 audio track.  So for me I'd look for versions of Blurays that have the HD audio as well as the HD video track.]