Hi there,

A friend in the UK recently had his DVD player modified for SDI output (this avoids unnecessary digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions) - for those without HDMI DVD players I guess. He also had his Sky+ (pace) decoder modified.

He said the picture difference was fantastic on the DVD, not as much of a change on the Sky box.

Does anyone in NZ know much about this? Does anyone in NZ offer this kind of service? Im trying to find out more information on this (i.e how it would connect into the TV/plasma)

I have a fairly decent Kenwood DVF-9010 DVD player so dont see the need to replace it just yet (although its 4-5 years old and its best output is s-video)

Also, someone in another post mentioned Digital Coax send audio and video... is this true? I thought it was only the audio. My DVD player has Optical, Coax, 6xRCA audio outputs... which is best (in that order?)

Thanks again