hey guys

I have recently upgraded to an x-fi sound blaster titanium sound card in my HTPC, so i can connect directly to my amp and get 5.1 audio.

Im no connected using S/PDIF optical directly from htpc to amp, this works i can get DOLBY audio from tv3 freeview, there is a little logo on the screen on the amp with 'DD', this has all been jolly well, untill i try playing some of my mkv, mp4, etc. files.

They all have 5.1 channel sound, which is know from using 'mediainfo' but when i play them from 7MC, the 'DD' logo for 5.1 audio does not show up, and it is only 2.1 channel audio, but im still using spdif.

By the way i am using the shark 007 codecs for windows 7

any help guys? i really want to get this working

cos with the HD 1080 video, you need the sound 'experience' with itLaughing, if you know what i mean