The projector in my HT is an InFocus SP4805 and is just over 4 year old. Like very many InFocus projectors of this generation (seemingly) mine suffers from the light tunnel construction fault. This is the problem where after some use, the tunnel collapses. This is made even worse by the policy that InFocus have in preventing consumer access to spare parts.

I have just bought a second-hand SP4805 off TradeMe with a similar fault so that I could “practice” following various instructions I found on the internet to dismantle the projector and repair the light tunnel. I have had some success although my rebuilt tunnel isn’t good enough to prevent minor colour aberration on one side.

The purpose of this post is three-fold. The first is to offer assistance via this forum to anyone else who has this problem. The instructions I found on the web are pretty good but not exhaustive. In trying to improve the problem I am left with on my second-hand projector, I have now stripped it down and rebuilt it about 10 times and I can own up to being very familiar with the process.

The second is to ask if anyone can explain to me how the light tunnel works. I have searched for an explanation on the net but either I am not posing the query correctly or it really is a black art. It would be amazing if the tunnel can be replaced with laser cut mirror stainless steel or some other alternative.

Finally, in the not too distant future I will be looking to upgrade my projector. Does anyone know if InFocus still use this appalling built-in obsolescence – or some nasty modern day equivalent?

Thanks - Alan