I'm trying to connect an Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center extender to my home theatre PC, but am only able to do so under certain circumstances. I think I have determined the issue being caused by my wireless access point, but have no idea how to resolve it.

A quick rundown of my setup:
- I have a Netgear BG834G ADSL2+ Wireless Router with the wireless AP disabled. This device is acting as my ADSL modem and router.
- Connected to it I have a Ubiquitis Networks Rocket M2 set to Access Point WDS.
- I have a Windows 7 Media Center PC connected to my network by wireless 802.11n using a Linksys WUSB600N USB adaptor.
- I have a Desktop PC also connected via n using a Linksys WMP300Nv2 PCI adaptor.
- Two iPhones on 802.11g.
- And an Xbox 360 with an Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adaptor.

All computers and iPhones are successfully on the network and can see each other, and all have internet access. The Xbox 360 is also visible on the network, and has access to Xbox Live.

But...for some reason I cannot get the Xbox 360 to connect to my Windows 7 Media Center PC via a fully wireless setup.

Through trying different configurations I think have narrowed the issue down somewhat.

The Xbox is seen by my Windows Media Center PC under the following circumstances:

1. If my Home Theatre PC is wired directly to the Netgear ADSL router (wireless disabled), with the Rocket M2 access point connected as the wireless access point as per normal set up.

2. If I disconnect the Rocket M2 access point and use the Netgear as a ADSL router and wireless access point as well, with the Home Theatre PC connected wirelessly to the Netgear.

I have attached 3 diagrams showing what does and doesn’t work to make the above clearer to understand.

The Xbox is not seen by my Windows Media Center PC when I have my Home Theatre PC connected wirelessly to the Rocket M2 access point and Netgear acting as the ADSL router only.

Can anyone please offer any suggestions on how to fix this issue? My other half doesn't think having a 10m ethernet cable strewn across the lounge is an acceptable solution unfortunately...

Network Setup 1
Network Setup 2
Network Setup 3