Is anyone successfully watching live (or recorded tv) on their iDevices?
If so, how do you do it, and it is any good?
I can currently watch my MySkyHDi live tv and recorded tv on my iPhone by passing the composite out thru EyeTV on my Mac and streaming the live TV over WiFi which works surprisingly well.  This is a bit of an overkill, surely there's an easier way without having a PC/Mac involved.  Does anyone use a Slingbox?
Also, what are the chances of TVNZOnDemand or TV3/C4 on demand being developed to work on the iDevices?  I don't want to start a flash/HTML5 argument, we know it doesn't work at the moment, and we know why but I would image quite a few iPad users (once released here) would love to catch up with TV on demand anywhere on their WiFi network.  The BBCs iPlayer does this so it's technically possible.