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some fixes around in-band guide data listed which may apply to a few users here.

Update for Windows 7 Media Center (KB981078) is now available on Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center.  This update addresses the following issues on Windows 7 Media Center:

  • Addresses an issue where, if DRM is revoked, an overly directs customers to Microsoft Update for appropriate update.

  • Addresses a significant Watson issue.  If the Windows Media Center database is corrupt, the backup database is referenced.  In this scenario, if setting up a manual recording with an invalid channel (per backup database), a crash can occur.

  • Addresses an issue where schedule data can disappear in regions that utilized in-band guide data.  For instance, this issue can affect DVB regions.

  • Addresses a significant Watson issue where an invalid path for recorded TV location can result in a crash.

This update includes the following previously released fixes:

  • KB977863 is the previously released Cumulative Update for Windows 7 Media Center

  • KB981129 was previously released on Microsoft Download Center.  This fix addresses a deadlock issue that can occur with frequent, fast channel changes on network tuners, resulting in "Tuner Conflict" overlay.

  • KB981130 was previously released on Microsoft Download Center.  This fix addresses an issue where overly sensitive method on monitoring analog signal strength led to false positive indications of signal strength resulting in "Low Bit Rate" overlays.

KB981078 is available on Windows Update as a recommended update.  It is also available on the Microsoft Download Center at the following links:


x64: provides additional details.