Hi there everyone, I'm in Auckland,

I have seen quite a few of the reviews regarding the Vodafone mobile Phones and the constant comparison between a Vodafone outlet and these Parallel Importing places.

firstly there are as i am aware only 4 Parallel Imported places, do not get confused with Digi Parallel Imports in Manakau city or Etown, Rockys etc they are all copies.

we sometimes only see what we want to and mistakingly give bad reviews to the wrong places.

All of the mobile phones purchased from Parallel Imported are gsm type phones and work on the vodafone network, however, recently a lot of issues have risen due to the new 128k sim card which is failing in a lot of the mobile phones, note its not just the PI phones, alot of the Vodafone outlets are also having problems. IE. unable to send any texts, please insert sim card or limited service, this is a sim card issue & not your mobile phone, these sim cards are pre-programed before they enter NZ hence the problems.

I will add more info & give advice regarding the mobile phones, ie pxt, wap,3g, ringtones, etc

please ask me any questions regarding Phones & car audio I would be happy to help.