gidday all,

Just call me Heyjoe from the south island of New Zealand. 

Just found this site when trying to find a solution for a problem with my Treo 650 (Vodafone) cell ph.  After looking around a bit I suspect I could get to like this site a lot.  Got sick of carrying separate PDA and cell ph around.  The Treo is a first time GSM ph for me as well.  Have found some signal areas around here a lot better than Telecom coverage.

My interest is the Treo mainly but any gadget that makes life and work easier and fun is interesting.  Have owned three Palm PDA devices in the past and finally decided to test out the Treo.  Not shelling out big bucks for a brand new one but got a used one off Trade Me to play with.

Early this year we bought a new Panasonic camcorder as I am interested in digital video.  With the advances in camcorders I would like to do more of this.  Did some work with old fashioned VHS many many years ago.  It was fun and with editing etc on PC now, it seems to lure again.

I look forward to chatting on the forums.