Hi all,

I'm joining Geekzone to ask a question about WAN-side DHCP+DNS issues and bridge mode for the Linksys SPA2102 so I can get the QoS priority working for my Xnet Fusion/VFX service... and that's the least complicated of my issues ;-)

I work at Endace Systems in Auckland (we make hardware+software for securing and managing Telco+Govt core backbone networks worldwide)... some of you may've met me before at TUANZ events or network research conferences (Mauricio, your pic looks familiar...)

In my spare time I help people make long-range WiFi networks (ie. cabling, antennas, bridges/APs, installs) and also like playing with cars and various other technical things (oh, and a TradeMe addict).  Happy to field questions on coax cabling, radio power/EIRP etc for people wanting to make point-to-point or multipoint 802.11b/g networks. 

Nice to be part of this community!