There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that appreciate Austin Powers humor, and those that don't.
Not the most profound statement in the world but I digress.

My name is Che, and electronics, computers and all things internet are my bag baby.

I recently had a Telstra Salesman knock on my door. I grabbed him by the collar and took him out in the back yard to sit on the lawn furniture and promptly interrogated him for forty five minutes before signing up to their all in one deal.

The telstra cabinet, he assured me, was at the end of my street and telstra are the only company with an exclusive network.

Once he left, I got the "What if my latency is worse with this ISP" jitters and spent the next 12 hours online researching where the Telecom cabinets were (I even got in my car and drove around looking for them), what the general consensus was for Tesltra, and where the hops to the Aus TF2 servers would venture.

I cancelled and stuck with telecom. I'm getting 10 Mbps Down in Napier, I can't complain.

The point of this rant is, in my frenzied research, almost every google search that yielded a useful answer led to these forums, so I thought I'd join you all. I now have the Desktop Gadget at home and work, so you'll never be rid of me.

Hi everyone, nice to be here!