Im lurking in here to find Mr or Mrs right. Strictly bussiness of course!. Im looking for an electronics wizz to assist in the design, development and build of a idea/invention. (Motorsport and saftey related)

Ideally you would have experience/knowledge (not necessarly all) with circutry, electronics, RF data transmission, project builds, computer programing etc, live in Auckland and have some spare time. An interest in motorsport could also help. Sorry about the vauge description but that is the nature of the beast at this stage

I would like to find the right person and bring them on board as a partner to develop the idea, patent it, market it, produce and of course make some $$ 

I own a Auckland based cabling company and my main hobbie is of course motorsport. I look forward to hearing from talented individuals that could fill the void in this project with there electronics expertise.