I'm new to bluetooth and really could do with some help- I am running Win XP SP2 on a Dell XPS M1710, 2.16GHz with 2GB Ram. Bluetooth 355 Module.

I have purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth Intellimousae Explorer plus a DiNovo Edge keyboard.

There is no 'bluetooth' device icon in the toolbar at the bottom although it did install. I can get the mouse working if i go to 'My Bluetooth Places', do a search, connect the mouse, etc etc........Is this the normal way of getting the mouse runninf EVERY time I logon? I have a wireless mouse and all I do is insert the dongle into the USB port and it works straight away. I cant even use my bluetooth mouse to login when I first turn the laptop on!!!!! Is this correct?

The Dinovo Edge cannot connetc - sayed 'Pairing Error' after entereing the code? Any ideas here?

I've seen alot of posts about the widcomm drivers - what are these and will these benefit? How does it all work?