Hi there. 

A family member has asked for advice on a new Windows laptop that is both portable for international travel and fairly high spec (cpu, mem, disk) for video editing of HD Go Pro video used in their work. 

I'm way out of date as far as Windows laptops (have been using linux and OSX for years) and so I'd greatly appreciate some advice from geekzone members more knowledgable in this area. 

Can anyone give me some good recommendations for new laptops that are:

* Durable & not too large (for international travel)
* At least 8Gb and up to 16Gb DDR3 RAM (if 8Gb, upgradable would be great)
* High spec i5 or i7 processor suited for video processing
* USB 3 connectors for external drives to hold / edit video source files. 
* Good battery life. 
* SSD internal drive a bonus but not essential. 

It's not going to be used for gaming so doesn't necessarily need a super high spec video card. 

Budget say under $1900. 

Something like this maybe:  http://www.globalpc.co.nz/Computers/Notebooks/Acer/Product-Specification-LP07358.aspx ?

Recommendations for brands, models, specs, where to buy greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!