As above.  I have a Toshiba i7 Laptop that has an AMD Radeon HD7600M GPU running the latest Windows 10. 

AMD use a god-awful 'vari-bright' feature which constantly adjusts the brightness of the screen when on battery.  I had it turned off before, but the latest Win10 update seems to have re-enabled it.  
I don't have the Catalyst Control Centre installed (don't know why, it's never been there as far as I recall) so I can't use that.  I am limited to the Win10 controls, and a couple of features under the 'properties' dialog for the display. How do I turn this dog of a feature off?

Adaptive brightness is already turned off under the properties dialog for the display (didn't do anything but have left it that way as it was one solution ).

Took me a few days and countless hours of searching to identify the existence of the vari-bright setting last time, and I did have it happily disabled by going through the GPU properties in the Device manager. From recollection there was an 'advanced' option and in that list there was an option to turn off vari-bright.  

The latest Win10 update appears to have reactivated this feature(sigh), but I cannot for the life of me find any way to turn it off.  I cannot locate the obscure reference to the resolution that worked last time, nor can I locate the 'advanced' option anymore under the device properties for the GPU which was where it was solved from last time if memory serves. 

I have found a few references to a registry hack but am reluctant to try that.  

Every time I try to install the latest drivers from AMD it says the latest are already installed and working, and it refuses to do any more.


  • Anyone know how to disable vari-bright without the CCC (where has the option gone from the device manager?)
  • If I uninstall the drivers (to do a fresh install of the drivers) will I lose the ability to see the screen?  
  • I cannot locate the Catalyst Control Centre anywhere to download and install, seems it has been replaced by a "Crimson Edition?"

After a couple of days sorting out my son's laptop, I have had enough of hours spent on display problems that should be simple.  

Thanks in advance I hope.