I meant to post this weeks ago.


Ive been looking at ultrabooks with mx150s for a few months now. I first noticed the discrepancy between the ux430un and the acer 3. about 25% as the article states.


However Ive seen machines manually overclocked and the single fan on the asus seems to handle the extra 25% power fine thermally, I cant say that for sure as its just an observation.


I guess OEMs of 1kg ultrabooks were a bit concerned and opted for the slower model.


Of the bunch I think its between the HP Envy 13t and the Asus UX331UN for best ultrabook with dGPU. The Asus has a better screen, the Envy arguably looks better and has the lid hinge that raises the chassis for thermals and ergonomics. its also pricier though.


For the GPUs intended use case I dont think it really matters much, nobody would sanely be buying one to play witcher 3 on anything but the lowest of low possible settings etc. But for Photoshop, Premierre pro etc, they do make a difference. Games like Civ and even some modern games run on on medium settings. Its better than a dual core 15w cpu and no GPU found in a MBP13 either way lol, 10 years and they still cant make something worthy of the word Professional in the 13 chassis.