Hello every one, Im micheal im new to these forums.

I have some questions that i need answering but i did not know where to ask them.

Im looking to buy a laptop because next year I will be living out of my van.
My lap top needs these specs:
extremely long wifi range (Is there an antener or something i can buy to put on top of my van)
very low power suply ( do laptops use less power then a normal pc and monitor? any special Laptops that use less power?)
2gb of ram
at least 80gb hdd
HD screen

how much would i expect to pay for one of these? Not going by over priced dse/The warehouse prices

Also I was thinking about getting a external hard drive to keep down the costs of getting a better laptop
I want atleast 320gb, what is a good transfure rate for one of these?

thank you in advance.