ok so i have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and i get this error message
when i plug my AC adapter in..
The AC power adapter type cannot be determined.  Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge.
now my computer will run on the mains power supply but it will not charge..
i don't think the battery is the problem as i have taken the battery out and rebooted and i still get the
same (with variation) mesage on the boot screen.
I have had my AC adapter replaced after the 7th month on my 1 year warranty and now the replacement has failed outside the warranty. any ideas on how to fix this one?

now to msn..i have been running version 2008 (build 8.5. 1302. 1018) for awhile and ther hav been no errors. but recently i get this error code: 81000306 and i cannot sign in. i click trouble shoot and it goes through automaticaly and finds that the key ports are the problem...i havn't changed any ports on my gateway and my windows firewall allows msn..any ideas?

any input would be much appreciated.