Hi Guys,

My father got a second-hand laptop for Christmas, which has XP Pro on it (former teachers laptop), and I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium on it.

We would like to share one folder on our laptops (C:\Shared), so we can swap files and stuff.

Our home 'network' is just an ADSL modem, with a wireless router plugged into it, so we have wireless internet (duh ;) ).

Is it possible to share the folder so he can add stuff to my Shared folder, and I can do the same to his?

I tried this method: http://www.home-network-help.com/simple-file-sharing.html, but when I typed '\\hamish-laptop\Shared' on his XP machine, it eventually came up 'permission denied'.

Does anyone have a real basic step by step guide?  I would really appreciate it.  The name of his machine is 'LAPTOP' and mine is 'Hamish-Laptop'


*UPDATE: Solved Windows Vista to Xp Sharing Works great!