Ok, since about.... 5 days ago, usually between 7pm and 10pm after my laptop being on from 4pm, the screen just randomly goes completely white, and then flash's staticy kinda. It's really odd to explain but it disappears after 5seconds or so and the computer completely locks up until I press the power button and Ubuntu prompts me with the shutdown options but if I hit shutdown it starts shutting down and just keeps looking like its shutting down for about a good 10minutes+ before I turn it off. This happened to me on Sunday night while I was in Windows 7. Once again the computer locked up and Windows didn't prompt with the options because I set it to go to sleep when I hit power. So I held down the power button to force it to shut down and left it for about 10 seconds as I was told years back so it wouldn't blow power supply or something idk. But yeh, I powered it back on again and it got stuck at a black screen for about 20seconds until I turned it off again. Usually it only does that for about 2 seconds before it starts normally so I tried it again. Same problem so I turned it off, took out battery and power cord, pressed power button to drain battery and put power cord back in and did that because a mate told me that usually fix's it and it did. So I booted into windows because I have a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04 (I think... Its the latest one). Windows loaded normally, I logged in and it said "Preparing Desktop" And I thought "oh god what's wrong now" and sure enough, a little bubble popped up in the system tray and said I was logged into a temporary profile because my normal on was corrupt or something so I went into ubuntu and copied my files off and I'm going to format the HD completely tomorrow afternoon as we get off early since we got the school ball tomorrow night :D. Now back to original problem, sorry for blabbering on. How could I try and fix this? I'm thinking of taking it up to this computer shop up the road since they do free assessments and quotes but I don't want to spend a lot of money since I want to get a replacement soon.

Thanks for reading my essay xD

Cheers, Sam.