I went out at lunch time with the intention of buying an IPhone 4. After arguing with the the man in the shop who refused to sell me a iPhone 4 (32GB) even when I flashed $1200 of cash ... [No I do not want to sign up for a iPhone 130 plan thank you].... I stumbled into another shop... which was selling the new HP tablet!!!

Here is the spec....:

Model: HP TouchSmart tm2-2003TX 

Price: $2k !!!

  • Processor: i5-430UM 1.20GHz

  • Memory: 4GB

  • Hard drive: 640GB

  • Screen: 12.1" 

  • Graphics:  Radeon HD 5450 (500MB)

  • Capacitive touch (like the Ipad) + stylus writing (like traditionjal Tablets)

  • Win 7 Pro..... plus lots of other stuff...

 I cant find any reliable reviews online - except the Engadget review of a slightly different model using core i3.

Any one got one of these? What do you think? It does sound like a bargain for $2k considering what you get for it!