It was mentioned here 21 06 2010 on Geekzone

Here's the link on Pricespy

I got mine from Aquila Technology, I might be the first member on Geekzone to get one of these Tongue out

It's Pricey, A Limited Edition, Cool Looking form factor, Windows 7 based, and not a Ipad! (No offence to Uncle Steve and the Apple fan club)

It does not come with Blu Ray, or DVD drive....But I got a External Panasonic Blu Ray Writer/DVD writer comming from Ebay that I can use with this and my other PC's that will sort out my problem.

Unfortunatley I wont get to play with it till the weekend as I have a farewell for my boss tomorrow as well as a pre booked gym workout.....oh....My PLAYSTATION MOVE might be ready tomorrow too....aarrrrghh!!